Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Hope at Last!!!

I woke up this morning determined to write about conditions here in Iraq, I know that my blog has been neglected, but I became so tired of writing bad conditions in Iraq and also because I was going through some family problems, all I can say is that it was the worst time in my marriage life but I also got to travel to Europe for a short period which was very nice, when I came back everyone was surprised, how could you come back why didn’t you apply for asylum? Questions I hear too often ….anyway I want to write something pleasant , well I can finally say that things are better now here in Baghdad , relatively good ! Suicide car bombs have gone down, killings also (knock on wood!) we say this expression in Iraq when things are good and we are afraid that they might change course, there is even a marriage spree, many people are getting engaged during this period, some young men refused that before because of the bad security conditions thinking that they may be killed in any time. Taxi drivers can go to many places in the city without fear of going into an area which is of a different sect, I remember a time that I was afraid to hire a taxi in certain places because I did not know the sect of the driver or the drivers would only go on the main streets of the city without entering certain areas… even the Mahdi Army in certain areas…there is a sense that they are not as powerful or influential as they used to be , people can stay a little late than usual , some streets that were not used like the high way linking east Baghdad to the west is used now even on new years day there were some clubs in Baghdad that held parties !! I didn’t get to go to one but I saw some on the news.
I know that things are not perfect but they are on the right track …the only thing that we hope is for more peace and prosperity to my country …hopefully soon !!


Bruno said...

Thanks for the entry, and thanks for letting us know how things are going there. We also have the expression "knock on wood", btw. I wonder where it comes from ... :)

Keep safe.

mewmewmew said...

I cannot even imagine. I cannot imagine being the mother of a kidnapped child...or being in such dire straights to feel like I needed to resort to kidnapping as a way of getting money.

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Kristeena said...

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Guanto Triana said...

Hi, how are you doing right now? Is it still bad in Iraq now? I hope everything is better now. Just found your article and seem it from 5 years ago, I hope you can give some update. thanks