Monday, January 7, 2013

The Protests in Ramadi and Mosul

Today I was going through my blog and decided to write, I was having trouble logging in but managed to restore my account.

I have been astonished at the way things are going here in Iraq!!  I governmental figures ask for change in Iraq , these figures control very important ministries and capable of the so called "change"

I have nothing against protests as long as they are peaceful but I am so sad that protestors are asking to free all prisons of convicts,  but never once did anyone mention the rights of the people that have been victims of suicide bombers , orphans widows, injured people that have lost parts of their body.
 There are some bad people in jail, rapist, terrorists and killers do we really want those out in the community with us? It's bad enough as it is do we need more criminals

Do protestors believe that they can force out Nuri al-Maliki ? And if this happened will the problems be solved, you have to change the whole government. Governmental figures have no right to support the protests (they are the reason for them)  if there was some decency they would have left the job for someone that could do it instead of stealing Iraq's wealth , they have held positions that could have made change possible , this is not about Maliki , although some are trying to make it look as if it is , it is about you face it you failed !!
Conditions in Iraq have become worse, infrastructure that has been devastated not only by war but of corruption. It's unfortunate but I see no hope for this country at this time, and I really fear that these protests go out of hand to become sectarian and lead us back to year 2005, 2006 when sectarian violence was at its peak.

Sometimes I close my eyes and wish that I was somewhere else in the world,  a place that’s peaceful .

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Sadr and Government Problem Again

Things in Baghdad haven’t been that great since the military operations in Basra began, shelling on civilians, killings, firing mortars, kidnappings ect...I was watching TV and saw a man crying because his house was hit in Sadr city and he said that today its my house tomorrow this could happen to you! And there it struck me it can be my house, it could be my child.
yesterday there were gunshot by security forces looking for Mahdi army fighters near the place I live so when I got home they told my that my daughter freaked out because of the gun fire she was with her grandmother at the time and she wouldn’t stop crying until the gunshots stopped, How long do our children have to live with this?????

Now I don’t think people are pleased with Sadr now, but they are not that happy with the Iraqi government and its actions either, especially since it decided to fire about 5000 Iraqi security members for giving up their arms, I mean wouldn’t anyone if put in a similar situation, either give up your arm, or lose your life, I think I would go for the first since Sadr usually changes his mind and yields to the government in the last minute even though many people were killed defending his decisions at first .

Sadr's supporters have a real big issue; they are very fond of firing mortars; and they target the green zone even though governmental buildings in Baghdad are near the green zone so when they fall I usually have the honor of hearing them! And sometimes they are close! Since they don’t always land on the place they are intended for (green zone).

Now I bet that Al-Qaeda is on vacation now, I bet they are thinking "hey the Iraqi people are killing each other they don’t need us to kill them!"

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Divorce problems in Iraq

I stumble on so many problems these days in society but the most frequent is the problem of divorce, now divorce is a way out of a marriage in Iraq, but unfortunately it's not a great one especially for women …what happens to a woman here in Iraq is very awkward , its true that in most cases she gets to keep custody of her children , but she is only given a small allowance , that’s if the man has a salary from the government , the problem is not in this issue , it is how a divorced woman is looked at in Iraqi society , they always seem to blame the woman for the divorce even though she has not initiated or filed for it , they view the woman as having a deficiency in her honor , they always view her in that way thinking that she must have committed something that breaches her honor to deserve it , I know its hard but I would really like to do something for women going through this ordeal like getting the Iraqi government to legislate certain laws that help women… there is no counseling, no special groups not even special organizations that help women cope, they have to deal with it alone…and she usually ends up going back to her parents home, she cannot live alone in most cases because of traditions.. And she must face society head down because of a decision she probably didn’t make but was made for her!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Little Hope at Last!!!

I woke up this morning determined to write about conditions here in Iraq, I know that my blog has been neglected, but I became so tired of writing bad conditions in Iraq and also because I was going through some family problems, all I can say is that it was the worst time in my marriage life but I also got to travel to Europe for a short period which was very nice, when I came back everyone was surprised, how could you come back why didn’t you apply for asylum? Questions I hear too often ….anyway I want to write something pleasant , well I can finally say that things are better now here in Baghdad , relatively good ! Suicide car bombs have gone down, killings also (knock on wood!) we say this expression in Iraq when things are good and we are afraid that they might change course, there is even a marriage spree, many people are getting engaged during this period, some young men refused that before because of the bad security conditions thinking that they may be killed in any time. Taxi drivers can go to many places in the city without fear of going into an area which is of a different sect, I remember a time that I was afraid to hire a taxi in certain places because I did not know the sect of the driver or the drivers would only go on the main streets of the city without entering certain areas… even the Mahdi Army in certain areas…there is a sense that they are not as powerful or influential as they used to be , people can stay a little late than usual , some streets that were not used like the high way linking east Baghdad to the west is used now even on new years day there were some clubs in Baghdad that held parties !! I didn’t get to go to one but I saw some on the news.
I know that things are not perfect but they are on the right track …the only thing that we hope is for more peace and prosperity to my country …hopefully soon !!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Its been such a long time since I have written, I guess its because so much has been going on in the past period, I just cant bring myself to write , I feel so discouraged, so broken, and above all so sad , things here in Baghdad at this time are not getting better ,on the contrary they are getting worse !!!! when is this going to be over ? when will we live like normal human beings ? I find myself asking the same question day in and day out,
I try to find some good things here in Baghdad but I just cant, even if there are some exceptions, there is always something that will ruin it for me, like a kidnapped relative, or a sick family member that cant find the proper medical treatment ….and so on …..How ever hard I try, there is always something that will bring me down!!!
The Iraqi government members are in the middle of their disputes not caring about the Iraqi people! And the parliament members are on a summer vacation! Can you believe that? They can take a vacation when the country's conditions are like this, the Iraqi people are dying, services are so bad ,no water, no electricity in most parts of the country . I guess all we can do is hope that a change will happen soon

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Arab Jihadist in Iraq

In Jihadist Haven, a Goal: To Kill and Die in Iraq
A story published in the New York Times By SOUAD MEKHENNET and MICHAEL MOSS
I have put a link to the article but I dont know how long it will be accessible

I have taken some extracts of the article

It tells a story of Abu Ibrahim, 24-year-old Jordanian who left for Iraq; he is a resident of Zarqa which according to the paper "has been known as a cradle of Islamic militancy since the beginning of the war in Iraq"

the article reads" The anger among militants in Zarqa, a mostly Sunni city, is now directed at Shiites as much as Americans, reflecting the escalation in hostility between the two branches of Islam since Shiites gained dominance in the new Iraqi government. “They have traditions that are un-Islamic and they hate the Sunnis,” said Ahmad Khalil Abdelaziz Salah, an imam whose mosque in Zarqa was attended by some of Zarqa’s bombers

Asked to name his targets, Abu Ibrahim said: “First, the Shiites. Second, the Americans. Third, anywhere in the world where Islam is threatened

Well maybe you should start with yourself you STUPID Imam because you and the people that pray with you are the biggest threat to Islam... its a shame that you are regarded as a Muslim or even as a human being because the human nature bans the killings of innocent people ...maybe you should try to read the Quran , the Muslim holy book instead of foolishly making accusations, in case you didn’t know , it does not in any way justify the killing of people the way you do.

Read the verse in Quran Sorat Al-Israa " And slay not the life which Allah hath forbidden save with right. Whoso is slain wrongfully, we have given power unto his heir, but let him not commit excess in slaying"

What gives you the right to decide who to kill? Islam is merciful you stupid bastards, in case you didn't know Shiites are Muslims too! But then again if the Islam that you belong to justifies these killing than we don’t want to be part of it!!!!!!!!!

God Damn them it makes me so… so mad ...they think that killing Iraqi children, men, women can be justified or it will get them into Heaven well you keep on doing it!!!! The people that you are killing are the ones going to Heaven; I hope you and all those that think like you rot in Hell!! You Stupid Losers

Hello? Any one there from the Jordanian Government ….ah... maybe you could do something about this or is it just as long as it doesn’t effect your country then its OK ? Maybe the American government should try to do something about this too....maybe like hit Zarqa with an atomic bomb!!! Do something about it before the Iraqis do because if they decide to do something about it I assure you it won't be pretty! So stop wasting time with other things when you know who the enemy is!!!!
Maybe holding the Damn Jordanian Government accountable for what goes on in their country and making them stop the influx of foreign fighters (LOSERS), while you are doing this talk to Saudi Arabia and Syria too ...Its always going to be the Arabs ....they are the ones that are against the Iraqis they are the ones that are making the sectarian violence worse its not the militias its not the Iraqis Shiites or Sunnis these bastards that have come across the border to kill and ruin Iraq.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Diwaniyah Fighting

Hi every one thanks to all those that have written to me during this period I know I havent written in a long time but Im back now ....

What surprises me about Mahdi army , is that they are always ready to make things worse during the time when things are most needed to be calm , in 2004 they managed to divert the US and Iraqis troops effort in fighting terrorist in Falluja and got them to fight them ( Mahdi Army ) in Najaf instead , of course the people of Najaf were not pleased , it might not be known but only a small number of people in Najaf support Sadr, and in Kerbala the number is less , so they are not happy having their city war wrecked because of him ... now I remember a time when Falluja people praised Al-Sadr and some of the Shiites critisized him because of his support to the Muqawama or so called resistance in Anbar , I would talk with a relative of mine who is a big supporter of his and she would say" the people of Falluja are Iraqi , the Sunnis are our brothers "... just because Sadr said so now she is like "Damn those Sunnis " I remeber a time where she would talk so bad about the Iraqi police force saying they were collaberators even though my husband was working for the security forces at that time and she happens to be his aunt , I was so hurt at that time to see people talking about those that risk their lives in the streets trying to make the security situation better .
In April the same thing happened in Diwaniyah which is a Shia city , it is also the same case a few Mahdi Army members begin to fight Iraqi troops which are also Shia , because they do not want anyone to interfere with what they do ..they want to be the hands of GOD on earth punishing, killing , whatever they feel necessary .. the result many Iraqi innocent people killed, now I know that Mahdi army members are not terrorist like the Sunni Jihadist, they might be extremist but I have to admit that they have participated in making some things better !!...they have in some areas controlled crime rate , they have a certain way in dealing with criminals!!!! ...they dont plant car bombs and detonate them in markets or in local places like the case of the Sunni Jihadist who kill the most number of people they can not caring if thet are children , women , elderly , just kill those Shiites thats their motto It may sound that I might be supporting them but really Iam not Its just that I would like to explain that there are two types of Mahdi army members the first: young , poor and some uneducated that have found a way to express theirselves in belonging to this group , and the other part who are criminals that found in belonging to this militia a means of practising their murderous deeds, not all Mahdi army members kill or abduct or force people to leave their homes only a small number of them do but unfortunatly the damage they do is big .some people might not admit it but most Shiites secretly admire Mahdi army members as some of them say " if it hadnt been for them the Sunnis would have killed us by now ! I am hearing this too often these days even from people I consider secular , even from freinds of mine I tell them well if they manage to get rid of the Sunnis in the areas then they are going to try to impose their beleifs on you thats the problem with extremist the imposing part... they just wont let you be! , I sometimes go into long fruitless arguements with them ... and I am always telling my sisters that are in school to keep their mouth shut when it comes to Sunni or Mahdi Army " Dont talk about them you never know who your enemy is " even my husband I am always nagging him and pleading with him even though he has some freinds that belong to this militia ..."they dont look at things the way we do so dont critisize them in public " .