Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Taste of Their Own medicine

As you may have heard that the deputy prime minister Salam Al-Zobaie was injured in a suicide bomb on friday during noon prayers ...and to be honest I was not as sad as when I hear of any other explosion that takes place in Baghdad .. because I WOULD REALLY LIKE OFFICIALS TO WITNESS THESE HORRIBLE INCIDENTS maybe then they will try to stop them from occuring especially because they are the reason for most of them ,these bombings kill poor civilians most of the time so why not change the victims for a change maybe then Mr Zobaie will think twice before hiring gaurds that belong to Al-Qaeda ( most of his guards are his relatives like the case of most of the officials in Iraq ) and maybe then he will do more to try to stop the violence in Iraq instead of encouraging it .Well this man used to support the resistance of US troops in Iraq ( but the only people that this resitance managed to kill were poor Iraqis ) this is the case of the Tawafiq group which is considered the biggest resistance to US troops in Iraq and Mr. Zobaie belongs to this group ... they were the first people to start sectarianism in Iraq and now they are begging US forces to stay after they had tried to make US forces leave !!!! well maybe if Tawafiq and Mahdi army left the country we wouldnt need these forces but as long as you are here I guess we cant do without them .


A&Eiraqi said...

Hi Iraqiya
Well, I'm not the one who defends Tawafiq, but I thought Al-Zuba3i is a bit better than the others .
Anyway it was his own mistake by employing such terriorist and it's right that they should taste it as everybody does.


iraqiya76 said...
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iraqiya76 said...

Dear a&eiraqi

Im not sure there are any good ones any more . Im not spiteful I just think that they should do more and if they cant just step out instead of making things more complicated in this country


MixMax said...

Iraq is a playground for anyone who think that power (and money) can be poured in their pockets. The US, al mahdi army, tawafiq, badr... but do you think that if the US left Iraq, all others will just go away? They came and became strong under the occupation, but will they be as strong as they are now if the US withdraw? I am not implicating that the US is supporting or not supporting these groups, but a lot of people in the current government are from these groups and the current government is blessed and protected by the US troops! You see my point?

Sister Ling said...

Yo check this out these young peole here aint anti US they are Pro life! There own! Listen up young buck you don't have to go on explainin any thig to any one! Your right. Your country is at war piece by piece you are dying! Cry hard and laugh loud. Try to get the most out of each day becuase people like me be watching the news. Your are inocent!
So there somebady finaly speaks the truth!
Life love Livers. So eat liver its good for you! Lamb liver too!

iraqiya76 said...

I do see your point and I think that these groups will be stronger if the US left , stronger in fighting eachother and making things worse for Iraqis , I do not deny that there are a few good people in these groups that want to serve Iraq , but most of them are just after the power and money .

mewmewmew said...

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