Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The hangings again

I did not know of the hanging of Saddams s former deputy until I was in the car on my way to work ...I said here we go again killing people that have a bad effect on the current situation in Baghdad .... this will only worsen things ....I hated Saddam and his former regime and I was wishing that I would see his death before I mine (im not a blood thirsty person who likes seeing people dead ) but because of what he did at that time ...and even on the day he died I wasnt happy not that I had pitty for him or anything ...but because we are not in need of such irresponsible action at this time.You know things that make the violence here worst ...you have to admitt that there are people that still love him and his bunch of crooks and are ready to do anything they can to avenge for their death so why give them a chance ?...things are bad as they are .... just leave them in prison and let them die God will punish them eventually .. enough killings please ....I want to be able to come to work and think of something other than " oh no it might explode here or maybe there ....who is gonna take care of my daughter if I die? " ever since an explosion took place near where we were driving ...and when I say close I mean really close maybe like 40 meters away its a miracle we made it if the driver had gone a few meters closer I wouldnt be here now ! please I want to be able to think of something else other than this something like work like a vacation like what im gonna make for lunch ....the constant feeling that I have is will I MAKE IT HOME ALIVE !!! I just wish that the day where I dont have to worry about these things will come soon !


stephanie said...

I am so happy to hear from a female Iraqi's point of view. I am currently a student in the United States of America and I'm studying women in Iraq pre-First Gulf War to the present day war. Could I possibly interview you via email? I am putting together a website that basically entails the negative effects of war on the status of women in Iraq. Please email me if you are interested at snburns22@gmail.com. I would very much appreciate your opinions. Thank you.

Damsel said...

I'm a pretty typical American female if there is such a thing; married, two daughters in college. I had my children fairly young, so I'm still pretty young, early 40's. I think about Iraq almost all the time and what people are doing there. I always tell my daughters that women should rule the world, because all we care about is making sure our children are safe and have enough to eat and are fairly happy! Doesn't usually lead to world wars, bombings, or general terrorism on both sides. So, how is the food situation over there?

Treasure of Baghdad said...

Welcome on the blogsphere :)

iraqiya76 said...

Dear Damsel
I also think that women should rule the world im sure it will be a more peaceful one.
Concerning the food situation in Iraq it is better than it was in the time of sanctions , import on foods has increased and the food ratios that is given to each Iraqi indivisual is ok except for hot zones where people cant receive them so I must admit that most Iraqis eat better than they did before the war .