Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Diwaniyah Fighting

Hi every one thanks to all those that have written to me during this period I know I havent written in a long time but Im back now ....

What surprises me about Mahdi army , is that they are always ready to make things worse during the time when things are most needed to be calm , in 2004 they managed to divert the US and Iraqis troops effort in fighting terrorist in Falluja and got them to fight them ( Mahdi Army ) in Najaf instead , of course the people of Najaf were not pleased , it might not be known but only a small number of people in Najaf support Sadr, and in Kerbala the number is less , so they are not happy having their city war wrecked because of him ... now I remember a time when Falluja people praised Al-Sadr and some of the Shiites critisized him because of his support to the Muqawama or so called resistance in Anbar , I would talk with a relative of mine who is a big supporter of his and she would say" the people of Falluja are Iraqi , the Sunnis are our brothers "... just because Sadr said so now she is like "Damn those Sunnis " I remeber a time where she would talk so bad about the Iraqi police force saying they were collaberators even though my husband was working for the security forces at that time and she happens to be his aunt , I was so hurt at that time to see people talking about those that risk their lives in the streets trying to make the security situation better .
In April the same thing happened in Diwaniyah which is a Shia city , it is also the same case a few Mahdi Army members begin to fight Iraqi troops which are also Shia , because they do not want anyone to interfere with what they do ..they want to be the hands of GOD on earth punishing, killing , whatever they feel necessary .. the result many Iraqi innocent people killed, now I know that Mahdi army members are not terrorist like the Sunni Jihadist, they might be extremist but I have to admit that they have participated in making some things better !!...they have in some areas controlled crime rate , they have a certain way in dealing with criminals!!!! ...they dont plant car bombs and detonate them in markets or in local places like the case of the Sunni Jihadist who kill the most number of people they can not caring if thet are children , women , elderly , just kill those Shiites thats their motto ....now It may sound that I might be supporting them but really Iam not Its just that I would like to explain that there are two types of Mahdi army members the first: young , poor and some uneducated that have found a way to express theirselves in belonging to this group , and the other part who are criminals that found in belonging to this militia a means of practising their murderous deeds, not all Mahdi army members kill or abduct or force people to leave their homes only a small number of them do but unfortunatly the damage they do is big .some people might not admit it but most Shiites secretly admire Mahdi army members as some of them say " if it hadnt been for them the Sunnis would have killed us by now ! I am hearing this too often these days even from people I consider secular , even from freinds of mine I tell them well if they manage to get rid of the Sunnis in the areas then they are going to try to impose their beleifs on you thats the problem with extremist the imposing part... they just wont let you be! , I sometimes go into long fruitless arguements with them ... and I am always telling my sisters that are in school to keep their mouth shut when it comes to Sunni or Mahdi Army " Dont talk about them you never know who your enemy is " even my husband I am always nagging him and pleading with him even though he has some freinds that belong to this militia ..."they dont look at things the way we do so dont critisize them in public " .


3eeraqimedic said...
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erer said...

I have read your blog with interest. For me it is one of the best blog about contemporary Iraq. Please write more, because it is the good way to make people possible to understand Iraqis, what is almost impossible to do only watching tv and reading newspapers.
Sorry for my English. I understand it well, but I am probably too old to learn to write correctly.

Regards from Poland

A&Eiraqi said...

Dear Iraqiya
I don't know if you've read this article for Shalash who I really miss,

Those idiots are destroying everything and yet, they're supported.